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About the Club

The Fly Fishing Fly Club was started to provide fly fishers with a way to get good quality flies at a great price. It is also structured to benefit the members through a progressive marketing system that returns the advertising budget to the members as you share the Club with your friends.

To join the Club you need to purchase a minimum of $10 worth of flies which gives you membership in the Club for one year. You can buy flies in lots of 3, 6, 9, or by the dozen with discounts as you buy more of each fly pattern and size.

The club owner, Lee Collett, is a retired civil engineer whose father taught him to fly fish at a single digit age. That love of fishing and a good friend got him into the fly fishing business about 18 years ago. He has managed a fly shop, traveled as a host with clients to fish both ends of the earth, and has been an innovator in developing fly fishing related items. Lee developed the McKenzie Fly Tying light and the McKenzie Bright Light. He has been an engineering consultant that worked with a fly fishing company developing equipment and processes for fly tying materials. Lee's idea of a fly buying club whose members could purchase good quality flies at near wholesale prices has resulted in the development of this progressive approach to selling flies.

Lee got a hold of a bunch of flies from a sporting goods chain trade-out (about 90 pounds of flies) and started garage selling them as goodcheapflies.com. He took the challenge to put together a list of ground floor participants to get The Fly Fishing Fly Club started. With the trade-out flies that he could sell at less than wholesale prices (way less) he targeted folks that would appreciate a good deal and be willing to share this opportunity with others. Because these good people were excited about fishing and wanted their friends to share in their find, the word spread and follow up with these folks is how the The Fly Fishing Fly Club was started.

FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions):

How do I join the Club?

Joining the Club is a two step process. You must register and you must make an initial $10 purchase of flies which gives you a one year membership.

Sign up by clicking the login/join tab and then register by clicking on the need an account button. When you register you need to put in the referral number from the person that introduced you to the site. If you were not referred, but found the site in another way (internet search, etc.) just leave the referral code blank. When you click the register button you are automatically signed in and can make your initial purchase.

How do I sign up other people?

You can share your referral code with your friends by word of mouth, email, or social networking sites. See your referral code and instructions by clicking the Share tab.

How do I earn points?

You earn points when your referrals (and their referrals) purchase flies from the Club.

Invite other fly fishers you know to join the club. Anyone that you refer that becomes a member will not only be able to benefit from our great prices, but earns you points with their fly purchases. Not only that, but everyone they refer will earn you points too! Here’s how it works:

Your referrals will earn you 5% of the dollar value of all their orders for flies in points. Their referrals will earn you 4% of the dollar value of all their fly orders in points. Anyone they refer will be 3% for you, and on down to 1%.

*Keep in mind that if your membership expires you will lose all your accumulated points.

Points are earned on all cash purchases for flies and not for other products that are purchased from the shop and not for flies that are purchased with points.

Where and how do I redeem my points?

When you check out you will have an option to use points.

You redeem your points by purchasing flies or other products from the Club. Using points in place of cash will decrease your point accumulation in your account by the amount you use. If you do not have sufficient points in your account it will require cash to make your purchase.

Points cannot be used for Shipping and handling costs.

How many points can I earn?

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn. You can earn points faster by getting more of your fly fishing friends to join the Club.

What if I don’t want to sign up other people?

You certainly don’t have to. You can enjoy your opportunity to buy good quality flies for a great price without worrying about anything else.

Is there a membership fee?

No. Your initial fly order must total $10 or more.

What do I have to do to keep my membership?

Purchase at least $50 worth of flies each year with either cash or points. You can review your yearly purchase amounts by clicking on the My Account tab.

Do I earn points from those whom I've referred when they buy flies using points?

No, that would bankrupt the system and we need to keep this going. You receive points on cash fly sales for everyone in your down line for five levels. If you keep introducing people over the years you will earn plenty of points to do some serious buying.

What other products can I buy?

We plan for this to be a full service shop in the future. However, this needs to grow with the growth of the club. So to start with you can buy flies and fly boxes. Soon I will be adding rods and reels, rod-reel combos, fly lines, leaders, and tippet. We will be adding merchandise as we can until we have a full line of products. Coming on line will be waders, boots, vests, and apparel.

It is our goal to make these products reasonable to buy as a benefit to belonging to the club. We will provide good quality products, so that you get a great value for your dollar (or points). We will also be offering trips so that you who are accumulating a lot of points will be able to visit great fishing spots around the world.

What if I have questions or comments about the site?

There is a Feedback button on the left side of the website which will send an email to me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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